Often times, training leaders miss out on the opportunity to engage new hires during onboarding with an overload of internal company information. Here are tips to help new hires recognize how their role and experiences can enrich company culture.

Managing the Employee Burnout Epidemic

4 min read
The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated many employees' work schedules, with overtime being at an all, new rise. In this article, learn how minimizing overwork can manage employee burnout and greatly influence performance.

Employee Performance in a Hybrid Workplace

4 min read
Managing a remote workforce can present many challenges to employers as they research creative and technological solutions that facilitate team connection and collaboration. Learn how to recognize and overcome the challenges of a hybrid workplace.

Solving the Engagement-Retention Mystery

4 min read
In many cases, employers rely on external sources and third-party vendors to solve in-house issues, rather than their own employees. Read to learn more about how to encourage engagement and open dialogue between employers and their employees.